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Experiencing Waterfalls

Knowing about something and experiencing it are two completely different things.

You can know about ice cream, for example, but knowing about it doesn’t equate to experiencing it’s smooth texture and creamy flavor.

I’m all about the experience when it comes to nature. I don’t want to just know about things. I don’t want to just see a picture of it. I don’t want to just view it from afar. I want to experience it.

I recently went hiking with some friends. As we hiked along the canyon floor, we came to a place where you could take short trek down an adjoining ravine. You climb up some rocks and into a 20-foot-wide gorge with a stream at the bottom, doggy paddle across a small pool, carefully maneuver the shallow water by balancing against the ever narrowing rock walls, go around a corner, and end up at a waterfall.

I didn’t want to just know about the waterfall.

I didn’t want to just see it from afar.

I wanted to experience it.

I wanted to feel it’s mist hitting my face. The pulsing of the water as it rushed from the falls and over my feet and legs. The sunlight dancing through the trees above and catching the mist in colorful rainbows. I wanted to climb it and experience the downpour of it’s crashing waves. To know about it is one thing…to experience it is another.

As I sat under the waterfall, in awe of God and His magnificent creation, I felt Him whisper that this is His heart for mankind. That we would not just know about Him. That we would not just listen to stories about Him. That we would not just stand on the bank and gaze from afar. But that we would experience Him.

That we would know His presence intimately.

That we would experience the weight of his love crashing over us.

That our feet would be set to dancing as we feel His delight and joy over us.

I stood under the pounding water of the falls, lost in the beauty of the moment. In awe that this is just a tiny glimpse of what our Father desires for us to experience in Him. Oh dear one, beloved child of God, may we not just know about Him, may we be beautifully lost in the wonder and majesty of who He is.

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